Top 5 Engineering Careers

Engineering careers are among the best careers in the nation, with starting pay among the best of any college major.  Engineering is a diverse field with over 25 specialties with many divisions within each.  It is possible to seek a specific specialty or a specific field.  Choosing a specific field or industry focuses a specialty in chemical engineering on the pesticide industry for example.  When other engineering issues arise, the engineer branches out to enlarge his understanding and expertise within the industry.  The top 10 engineering careers are those careers with the highest starting pay, the best benefits package, and most promising outlook among various specialties.

Most careers in engineering require at the least a bachelor's degree in engineering or a related field.  A thorough understanding and enjoyment of math and the sciences are integral to these careers.  All engineers must continue education and keep up with trends and technology within their field as it is constantly changing.  Engineers design, test, and maintain products, machines, factories, systems and software, all while ensuring safety and confirming quality.  

Let's consider 10 of the best engineering careers.  Median starting salaries will be the compensation considered.  Compensation and benefits packages can bolster the number significantly more.  Experienced engineers with strong engineering resumes featuring cross-training and specialization in certain industries can expect considerably more.  Those who excel to the level of executive engineer may receive salaries of greater than $150,000. 

1)    Petroleum Engineer $75,985 - This discipline is concerned with the subsurface aspects of hydrocarbon manufacture, finding and producing them.

2)    Electronics Engineer
$61,027 - These engineers work with broadcast and communications systems and how they convey airwaves and digital communication to consumers.

3)    Nuclear Engineer $64,505 - Nuclear engineers design and develop practical applications to safely use nuclear energy. 

4)    Biological Engineer $54,158 - Also known as biomedical engineering, this professional applies engineering principles to solve issues and problems in the fields of biology, life sciences, medical, and environment. 

5)    Agricultural Engineer $49,764 - The agricultural engineer utilizes a thorough knowledge of biological sciences with intensive training in mechanical and bio-engineering to develop and improve agricultural equipment and systems.


Gail Esparan