Top 10 Engineer Careers

Here is the second part of our post, now presenting the top 5 to 10 top engineering careers:


6)    Computer Engineer $54,298 - Computer engineers specialize in the develop of software engines or in hardware manufacture.  The hardware engineer supervises and implements production of microchips, circuit boards, and the finished computer hardware product.

7) Chemical Engineer $62,582 - These engineers design and implement procedures for chemical manufacturing, testing products, and supervise the production of chemicals, food, energy, or clothing in the chemical phases of production.   

8) Industrial Engineer $54,629 - This engineer designs and develops ways to utilize all resources (personnel, machinery, energy, etc.) to provide desired products or services.

9) Electrical Engineer $60,957 - An electrical engineer design, develop, test, and supervise electrical equipment manufacturing, especially the generating of power.

10) Materials Engineer $59,838 - Applied physics and chemistry combine with nanotechnology to investigate, understand and manipulate the relationship between a materials' microscopic and macroscopic properties.

With numerous career paths and diversification, with a strong engineering resume, an engineer can specialize in the field of their own choosing, or in a specific sector, such as petroleum or avionics.  Engineers are in demand because we want things done well, and engineers make that possible.


Gail Esparan