Top 10 Engineer Careers

Here is the second part of our post, now presenting the top 5 to 10 top engineering careers:   6)    Computer Engineer $54,298 - Computer engineers specialize in the develop of software engines or in hardware manufacture.  The hardware engineer supervises and implements pr... [More]

What Are the Pros of Being an Engineer?

Congratulations, you've decided you want to be an engineer. It's not a career for the faint of heart, but it is a rewarding career for those who have the talent, skill, and dedication to do the job right (elements that is imperative to include in your engineering resume). Even for those who cho... [More]

Engineering Job Interview Tips

If you've landed an engineering job interview, congratulations. You've obviously got the qualifications to have a successful career in a very competitive industry. Nonetheless, no matter how qualified you are, it can be pretty easy to blow a job interview and lose the job, even if you have the ... [More]

An Introduction to Engineering

Do you like to solve problems and work with people? Are you good at math, and do you have well developed analytical skills? If so, a career as an engineer might be for you.  What do engineers do?  Engineers basically provide a bridge between the design of something and the implementation... [More]

How to Find Aerospace Engineering jobs

There are several ways to find aerospace engineer jobs. First, you can obviously check employment job boards, whether they are big employment boards or job sites specialized in engineering. Another way is to check openings at big names in the industry - for example check out regularly the online car... [More]