Pros of Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering involves manipulation of an organism's DNA to change the structure of its genes so that the organism can perform new functions. It can also be used to produce new biological organisms. It is useful in eliminating unwanted traits in the cell make-up and can lead to positive transformation in the development of an organism. Genetic engineering is used in different fields including food production, the environment, agriculture and medicine. However, it has its pros and cons.


Genetic engineering is employed to produce seeds that endure harsh climatic and soil conditions. This way, crops can be grown in areas they formerly would not do well.

Crops that are genetically engineered are resistant to pests. This eliminates use of pesticides, which have a negative effect on human health and the environment.

It is also be used to elongate the shelf life of vegetables and fruits by slowing down food spoilage, a process that is aggravated in fresh products.

Genetically engineered products have better nutritional value. Such crops have an improved growth rate and give better yields.
This technology is applied to give bland or poor tasting foods better taste.  
It can be used to increase the medicinal content of locally grown foodstuffs. This provides a form of affordable and easily available medicine and/or vaccines.

In medicine, genetic engineering can be used to modify and/or replace faulty traits in genes. It is also used to enhance a person's positive traits and suppress the negative ones. If an individual has a genetic make-up that makes him prone to suffer certain diseases, applying genetic engineering helps to eliminate the ‘bad' cells in the genes and replace them with healthy ones. This can provide a cure for some of the fatal diseases we battle with on a daily basis.

It can also be employed to infuse genes responsible for certain positive traits in one person into another person's genes. This way, the recipient will now possess the same positive traits.


Gail Esparan