Cons of Dumbing Down Your Resume

While there may be some good reasons to dumb down your resume, you will always pay a price for it. When you take off those degrees you are misrepresenting yourself to your employer. If you get hired on, they don't really know what they have hired. This may not be a big deal for some positions, but i... [More]

Pros of Dumbing Down Your Resume

You spend years working through challenging university coursework to obtain your degree, or perhaps a series of degrees, eager for knowledge and a rewarding career. Then you graduate and realize that your degree isn't always an asset. You may find yourself hearing doors of opportunity shut because y... [More]

Don’ts of Updating your Resume

Don't fall into the different is better trap. While graphics and brightly colored fonts may catch the eye, they detract from what employers are looking at-your skills and experience. Keep in mind that if a resume is difficult to read, the person looking at it may toss it rather than struggle throu... [More]

Do’s of Updating your Resume

A resume is more than just a paper listing your education and work history. A well written one can be your entree to the career of your dreams. However, if you haven't recently updated yours, it may be holding you back. These tips will help you take your resume writing from ho-hum to wow.Do update y... [More]

Resume Writing Content Recommendations

You should put some effort into the content when it comes to resume writing.  You want the prospective employer to be left really interested in getting you in for the interview.  You can do this by including all of your skills and talents that would be useful in the new position.  You... [More]

Why You Shouldn’t Lie on a Resume

With such a competitive employment market, there are more people than ever vying for the job positions that are available. This can lead people to look at positions and industries that they are not always qualified for. If you see a job opening that asks for a particular skill set, what is the b... [More]

How To Handle Gaps in a Resume

We have all been in the same position on a job interview. There is always that moment when you hand over your resume to the person in charge and hope they like what they read. Never mind the fact that interviews can be extremely stressful to begin with; what happens if you know your resume is not pi... [More]

How to write a career change resume

You have contemplated changing your career and are now ready to make the switch. But have you checked your resume? Resume writing is critical in your quest to find that new job. And writing a new resume for a new career can be daunting. Think about an accountant changing his career to a marketer. Th... [More]

The Top Ten Resume Mistakes

When you send off a resume to a potential employer, you want to have as strong a chance as possible of landing a job. This is why it is so critical to avoid the common mistakes that can plague a resume and lead to it being dismissed out of hand. Since we are all human and prone to making errors, it ... [More]

How to Update Your Resume

Updating your resume is one of the most effective job hunting techniques everyone should know. According to leading recruiting magazines, an updated resume should reflect your progress and background in the best way possible. An engaging resume is your passport to interview invitations as well as ca... [More]