The Senior Executive Service

The SES Provides Top Level Government Management The Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 established the Senior Executive Service (SES) , which became effective July 13, 1979. The goal was to "ensure that the executive management of the government of the United States is responsive to the needs, p... [More]

The Federal job vacancy announcement overview

Before you start looking for your dream job with Uncle Sam, it is essential to understand the Federal job overview, which is a page introducing each opening on the official government job site, USAJobs. This page includes pertinent details about a position so that you can determine quickly if this s... [More]

SES Resume 101

SES (Senior Executive Service) positions are jobs at the the highest levels in the government. To apply for an SES position, you’ll first need a federal SES resume, which includes considerably more information than a resume for a private sector job. You’ll need to include the following:A... [More]

An introduction to KSA's

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities are narrative statements that accompany Federal resumes when applying to Federal job openings. An important factor in the hiring process, they are used to determine who are the best applicants, when several candidates qualifiy for the job. Knowledge: an organi... [More]

The Army Resumix

When you are applying for an Army job, the Army Resumix format allows you to use up to 12,000 characters to describe your work experience.  There is no limit to the number of positions you can list as work experience.  There are also additional fields in this resume format for you to speci... [More]

The Information Technology Exchange Program

The Information Technology Exchange Program (ITEP) gives private industry and Federal agencies an opportunity to learn from each other. If you are looking for an exciting new professional development opportunity with the Federal government, the ITEP is it.  For those already employed in IT in ... [More]

Top Federal Job Fields

Here is a list of the fields that are currently in high demand whithin the government:    * Health care    * IT    * Homeland Security    * HR    * Accounting    * Intelligence    * ScienceNot on... [More]

Government Job Interview Preparation Tips

Even though government resumes are different from private sector resumes, when it comes to preparing for interviews, the process is the same. First you need to prepare a summary of your Federal resume so that whenever the Federal hiring manager asks you the usual "tell me about yourself question"... [More]

Top 10 Cities for Government jobs

Here is a list of the cities that offer the highest concentration of Federal jobs. If you're interested in getting a Federal job, you might consider relocating to one of these cities: Washington, DC San Antonio, TX Atlanta, GA Philadelphia, PA New York, NY Dallas, TX Baltmore, MD Tampa, FL... [More]


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Federal Resume Tips

Preparing a Federal government resume is much trickier than writing a private sector resume. While you might have been able to allude to experiences or qualifications on a private sector resume, you really have to be detailed for the Federal government. From qualifications to listing on keywords tha... [More]