The Army Resumix

When you are applying for an Army job, the Army Resumix format allows you to use up to 12,000 characters to describe your work experience.  There is no limit to the number of positions you can list as work experience.  There are also additional fields in this resume format for you to specify your education, licenses, training, skills, certifications, awards and other such related information.  It is necessary to include the answers to all your KSA in the resume in this format.  You may only have one Army Resumix file for all the applications you make for positions with the Army, which can limit you depending on your achievements and background.  Although this format is used for most Army job postings, it is not used for all of them.


If you are overwhelmed with the specifications for applying for a Federal position, consider hiring a Federal resume writer who is familiar with Federal rules.  Having a professional handle your Federal resume and application will help you stand head and shoulders over the many other applicants for the job.


Gail Esparan