The Federal job vacancy announcement overview

Before you start looking for your dream job with Uncle Sam, it is essential to understand the Federal job overview, which is a page introducing each opening on the official government job site, USAJobs. This page includes pertinent details about a position so that you can determine quickly if this something you might be interested in. The Federal job overview usually includes the following points:

  • the official job title
  • the government payscale for the position
  • the application deadline
  • series and grade
  • the potential for promotions
  • locations where you can find job vacancies
  • a summary of the job that includes the basic duties required to fulfill the requirements of the position.

Carefully reviewing the Job Overview will give you enough information to determine if the position is good for you. In that case, the next step is to prepare your Federal resume and accompanying KSA's following closely the vacancy announcement's requirements.

Gail Esparan