How to write effective KSA answers

Applying for a Government job is completely different than applying for a civilian job. When a Federal job opening is posted, they usually require applicants to submit a narrative statement known as a KSA in addition to a Federal resume. KSA stands for knowledge, skills, and abilities, and should b... [More]

Defining KSA’s

Normal 0 So you’re on the job hunt, you find the perfect job listing but it’s a federal job listing, which asks for a KSA in addition to a government resume. If you’re new to this field, you are probably clueless as to what a KSA is. Fortunately, this new series of posts will ... [More]

An introduction to KSA's

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities are narrative statements that accompany Federal resumes when applying to Federal job openings. An important factor in the hiring process, they are used to determine who are the best applicants, when several candidates qualifiy for the job. Knowledge: an organi... [More]