Executive Job Search Tips

Here are few steps to help you find an executive job:

- check out the big job boards.

- check out sites specialized in executive jobs..

- contact executive recruiters (watch out for scammers asking money upfront as you should never pay to get a job; real recruiters will receive a fee when you get a job).

- read magazines featuring executive job classifieds and the contact information for companies offering jobs in your field.

- go to job fairs so that you can meet executive recruiters and give them your resume.

- contact companies you are interested in, even if they do not advertise job postings; they might be hiring internally or consider you for an upcoming position.

Even if all the steps listed above are essential to getting an exectuive job, do not forget to also work on your executive resume writing as, without a good resume, you won't get interviews even if you have all the required qualifications.


Gail Esparan