Top Ten Non Profit Executive Jobs - Part 2

Business Development Specialist: Non profits are not static entities. There are various different projects that can be developed on a daily basis. A business development specialist may be the individual to come up with such new projects or he/she may be in charge of managing them. Either way, such a... [More]

Top 10 Non Profit Executive Jobs

There is a common misconception about non profit jobs. Namely, the assumption is that because the company is a non profit organization it will lack structure. Again, that would be one of the biggest myths in all professional sectors. Non profits must be properly organized and managed in order to suc... [More]

Cons of Executive Career Coaching

1. A career coach cannot help you figure out what it is that you want to do.  Many people want to change their jobs or try to move forward with their career but they do not know exactly where to go.  While a coach can help you identify your strengths, he cannot help you figure out what you... [More]

Pros of Executive Career Coaching

Are you looking to change your career?  Maybe you want to move to the next step in your professional life.  If you're looking to make any changes, it may be time to get career coaching.  A career coach will act just like a regular coach would to a sports team.  They will help you... [More]

Executive Job Search Don'ts

Don't:1.    Be an island.  Keeping to yourself makes you invisible.  Self promotion is as important as qualification, and you must make an effort to let your prospects know you're available.  Attend events, join associations, voice your opinion and let people know you a... [More]

Executive Job Search Dos

An executive is not an ordinary employee.  He or she occupies a leading and coveted position in any organization.  Naturally, employers have high standards in their assessment and selection. If you're seeking an executive job, make yourself attractive -- on paper and in person. Here are a ... [More]

Healthcare Executive Jobs

You have probably found yourself here because you are looking for ways to further your career in healthcare and increase your salary at the same time! Not everyone has an interest in being a surgeon or medical specialist - some preferring the more theoretical side to healthcare as opposed to the phy... [More]

How to Become a Business Executive

Are you someone that sincerely respects those great business professionals that have made their presence and impact strongly felt in their respective industries? If you are then you most definitely have a wise approach towards who you model yourself after. In our society, you always want to model yo... [More]

How to Become an Account Executive

The marketing and advertising industry is highly competitive in many levels, which many account executives will tell you outright.  And speaking of account executives, you can actually be one of these highly successful individuals.  But first, you must develop the personal characteristics ... [More]

Executive Job Search Tips

Here are few steps to help you find an executive job: - check out the big job boards. - check out sites specialized in executive jobs.. - contact executive recruiters (watch out for scammers asking money upfront as you should never pay to get a job; real recruiters will receive a fee when you get... [More]