Top Ten Non Profit Executive Jobs - Part 2

Business Development Specialist: Non profits are not static entities. There are various different projects that can be developed on a daily basis. A business development specialist may be the individual to come up with such new projects or he/she may be in charge of managing them. Either way, such a professional can certainly provide enormous help to a non profit's operations.

Accountant: Really, how successful would a non profit venture be if its finances were not properly accounted for? In house accountants are enormously important to the success of a non profit and always in demand.

HR Manager: As with any other venture, a non profit is only going to be as successful as the professionals it hires. Hiring and oversight by a HR manager is a must to ensure personnel performs as required.

Executive Consultant: Yes, the title of a consultant is a "catch all" one and that is why more than one consultant may be retained by a non profit company. This is a good thing because if you have valuable advice to offer, then many non profits may have need of your consulting services.

Executive Administrative Assistant: Some may consider this a minor job but it isn't. Without proper administrative support, it is doubtful a non profit could ever effectively operate.


One last thing: Whatever field you might choose, make sure to that your executive resume is customized to the career you choose.


Gail Esparan