Executive Job Interview Questions And Answers

Becoming the executive of any company will definitely put a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. You must be able to carry out various duties and functions when you are an executive. So it is going to be imperative for you to display certain abilities as well as the skills. When going on in executive job interview you want to make sure you arm yourself with the proper executive job interview tips. Many of these executive job interview tips will come in the form of executive job interview questions and answers.

By studying executive job interview questions you will get good insight on what your prospective employer is looking for. By studying executive job interview answers you will be able to know what your prospective employer is looking to hear. Below is a list of executive job interview questions and answers, which you can use as a good how-to.

Q. What is your long-term career objective?
A. Here you want to explain to your prospect of employer where you hope to be in the upcoming years concerning the company (this also what you put at the beginning of your executive resume). They want to know you are in it for the long haul and that you are invested in the company's long-term growth. So whatever answer you give make sure it lines up with this type of response. You must display a desire to grow with the company as well as commit to the company long-term.

Q. Why have you decided to leave your past jobs?

A. Understand that when you are going for an executive job, they want to know why you have displayed an inability to stay committed to one particular company in the past (never include this in your resume writing). Being an executive is very important and it requires a high level of commitment. If the employer feels as if you would not be committed they may have questions about hiring you on for such an important role.

Q. How does this job fit with your overall career goals?
A. You must not look at an executive job as simply a regular job. When you become an executive you must have really high career goals. Your prospective employer is going to want you to display a strong level of desire, as well as the ability to thrive. The more you are able to thrive the more you will be able to benefit the company. These are all attributes they are looking for, and the more your goals line up with those of the company the more likely you are to get that executive position.


Gail Esparan