3 Additional Executive Job Interview Questions And Answers

Q. Where do you see this role taking you in the future?
A. While prospective employers may be optimistic, they are not blind to the fact that if you were to get very high on the latter you may consider leaving for greener pastures. If this is the case there is no reason to be dishonest about it. Just make sure you're willing to show how committed you are to the company now and in the upcoming years. Do not express a desire to leave the company anytime soon but should you see the opportunity to.

Q. What areas do you need to further develop in order to meet your career goals?
A. Becoming an executive requires a high level of skill in order to be successful. But even in this case there may still be certain skills you need to sharpen. Do not try to hide your weaknesses, because it can come back to argue down the line. Make sure you are very up front about the areas in which you need improvement. Maybe your prospective employer has programs that will enable you to sharpen those skills so you are of better use to the company.

Q. What specific events or activities in your past have most influenced your current career objectives?
A. This is one of those executive job interview answers, which may be quite difficult to practice. When it comes to your response make sure you give specific examples of times in your life where you knew what you wanted to do. There may be certain events or activities in your past that made you determine you would be suited to be an executive. Maybe it was an event or an activity that required a lot of responsibility and organizational skills. Whatever the case make sure you give specific examples in order to express your level of desire to your prospective employer. Please note that some of these activities may be included in the hobby section of your resume if they are somewhat related to the job you are applying to.


Gail Esparan


8/5/2010 6:16:14 AM #

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