Top 10 Executive Resume Mistakes

In this job market, it's already tough to find a job; however, if you're sending out resumes and aren't getting any responses back, it could be that's your resume writing that's at fault. Don't misunderstand; it is indeed a tough job market, but you still need a stellar executive resume -- now more than ever, in fact -- to make the cut so that you get called in for that interview.
· Using the same resume for every single job you apply for
A cookie-cutter resume, in other words, isn't going to do the job. These days, computers have made it quite easy to write individualized resumes, and employers expect that.
· Passive "voice" and long, drawn out sentences
Your resume really has to pop. Because of that, don't use passive voice; instead, use active voice. In addition, it's perfectly fine to use short, choppy sentences that read fast and keep prospective employers' interest. Be succinct. A good way to turn this around is to think "keywords." Center your job descriptions around keywords, those that really clarify what your job is possibilities were, and pair them with crisp action verbs.
· Not using keywords in your resume
This is the Internet age and chances are you resume is going to be seen by someone because they found it on the Internet. Use keywords when you write your resume so that you're sure prospective employers doing searches on the Internet can find it, not just those you specifically send your resume to.
· Using a resume "template"
Everyone uses a resume "template." If you want to stand out, you have to personalize your resume and make it unique. It's perfectly fine to start out with a sort of master "outline" for your resume, but do sit down and personalize each and every resume to the employer you're sending it to.
· Poor formatting, grammatical errors, typos
Nothing makes you look more unprofessional than the simple fact that you can't even sit down and peruse your resume after you write it to make sure it's "clean." Formatting should be simple, consistent, and easy to follow, and your contact information should be up-to-date.

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