Another 5 Top Executive Resume Mistakes

Here is the second part of our article about executive resume writing mistakes:

· Too long
At most, your resume should be two pages long, and should be written as tightly as possible.
· Too much extraneous information
"Bullet" format is fine, and in fact is preferable when it comes to resume writing. That way, you can pack a lot of detail on to one or two pages, have action driven statements surrounded by a lot of whitespace to really make them stand out, and contain absolutely no fluff.
· Starting with an "objective"
The objective statement is "out." What you want doesn't matter to prospective employers; what you can offer employers does. Therefore, replace your objective statement with something that says, in effect, "This is what I can do for you," and then list details.
· Not "showing off" your past successes
Of course, you don't want to overtly "boast" in the executive resume, but you do want to show your prospective employer exactly how you've been successful and how you have overcome certain obstacles. This is not the time to be too modest! Detail successes so that your prospective employer can see how you roll up your sleeves and get to work even when the going gets tough.
· No "value proposition"
What's your promised value going to be to your next employer? More than simply fulfilling your job duties, you want to bring as much to the table as possible so that your employer succeeds BECAUSE you were hired. Detail how you're going to do that if you get the job.


Gail Esparan