Executive Job Interview Tips

When you finally get word that you have been scheduled for an interview for an Executive job there are some things that you should do to be prepared.  How this interview progresses can make a difference between you getting the job or it being offered to someone else.  Many times, the interview is used as a tie breaker between candidates that have similar qualifications for the job.

You should definitely dress for the employment interview.  When you enter the interview you need to be dressed to step right into the position that day if they asked you to.  Do not make the mistake of dressing too casual or provocatively.  You need to look respectable and like you are well put together and ready for any challenge.

Take some time before the interview to study up on recent events in the field that you will be interviewing for.  This will be very important if you are applying for a position in a field that you have not worked in before.  The interviewer may assume that you have a disadvantage because you do not know the details surrounding policies and procedures and recent changes that have been made in the field.

If you can combat their concerns by telling them about some of the reading that you have done, you may give them a sense of confidence in your ability to learn quickly.  It will also tell them that you are willing to take the extra time to learn the details so you can do well.  This will only look great on you as a prospective employee.

Be sure to keep the interview meeting a positive one.  Even if you have negative opinions on how operations were handled at previous jobs, the interview is not the place for the discussion.  If you go into the interview and spend any amount of time complaining about things, the interviewer will surely make the assumption that you are someone that is hard to please and that does not look at challenges with a positive light.  If you do complain in the interview, expect it to be over soon and that you will not be called back again.

Make sure to seize every opportunity to talk about your recent contributions in the work force.  It is alright to brag a little in an interview.  You are there to make a lasting impression on them and to let them know that you are able to handle pressure and get the job done.  Be sure your bragging does not go overboard though.  You do not want to appear to be cocky and like you do not think you could ever do anything wrong.  You want to show that you are confident but are humble enough to admit that there are things that you are not sure of.

Do not force an interview to last longer than necessary.  Answer the questions that you are asked thoroughly and ask the necessary questions but do not try to discuss topics that are not necessary for the interview or are not included in your executive resume.  You can make a great impression on the interviewer by answering all of their questions and telling them about your accomplishments and what you can bring to the new position.  There is no need to extend your stay. 


They will know, from a great interview that you are the one that they want to hire.


Gail Esparan