Working with Executive Recruiters

Good Use of an Executive Recruiter Can Land You that Dream Position
Top level job seekers seeking positions in the $80,000-$1 million per year range should use executive recruiters. Companies seeking well trained and competently experienced management personnel generally use executive recruiting firms.
What Do Executive Recruiters Accomplish?
A company will hire a recruiter to conduct an exclusive search, seeking a top-flight executive manager. These recruiters usually average about 33 percent commission as compensation for their efforts to fill the open position. Some recruiting agencies specialize in industry specific staff. Others generally fill executive management positions. Some companies might also concentrate on top level positions such as chief financial officers or CEO’s.
Establish Multiple Contacts
it is recommended to not place all your eggs in one single basket. Therefore, you should contact as many executive recruiters as possible. Always be frank upfront when discussing your next position. If a particular recruiter comments that they only work on an exclusive arrangements, you must do a thorough examination of their performance levels before committing to such an arrangement. It is essential for you to gain an understanding of how effective this recruiter may be at finding a position for someone qualified as you are. If this recruiter seeking an exclusive arrangement has little or no experience with your particular job attributes, then making such an arrangement is not in your best interest.
Developing a Relationship
If you're an experienced professional in your mid-career, it is a good idea to look for an established executive recruiter with whom you can build a long-term relationship. If you have a proven track record in your industry, a relationship with an executive recruiter will be a great way to advance your career.
Be Aware of Recruitment Practices
Most executive recruiters are usually hired by companies looking to fill a particular position. As a result, most of their consulting time with you will be focused on placing you in a position rather than finding a position in which to place you. Remember that it is much like going to a real estate agent to find a new house. The agent is working on behalf of the owner, not for you. Also, some recruiters will shop you throughout their corral of employers as opposed to concentrating on looking for the best job for you. Regrettably, just like with salespeople, the ultimate goal can be that commission check rather than satisfying your career goals.
However, finding a good executive recruiter is like employing a great agent who gets to know you professionally and personally and will act on your behalf throughout your entire career. Last but not least, make sure your resume is a strong representation of your achievements - at such a career level, it is recommended to use an executive resume service.


Gail Esparan