Top 10 Non Profit Executive Jobs

There is a common misconception about non profit jobs. Namely, the assumption is that because the company is a non profit organization it will lack structure. Again, that would be one of the biggest myths in all professional sectors. Non profits must be properly organized and managed in order to succeed. That means such companies must have the proper professional executives in place. This does raise questions regarding what the top, necessary positions in non profit organizations are. For those wondering what these positions are, here are the top ten:

Executive Director: Someone has to be in charge of operations. This is where an executive director comes into play. Such a professional will oversee the direct operations of all facets of the business and ensure it runs in the intended manner.

Finance Manager: How could a non profit operate effectively if it did not maintain proper management of funds? A finance manager will do what is necessary to make sure that the proper financial accounting of the business is maintained. Clearly, this is one of the most important positions within a non-profit.
Chief Operating Officer: Once again, effective management of a non profit is vital for its success. This is where a COO provides the proper oversight of day to day operations to ensure such management is properly being performed.

Chief Financial Officer: As with a COO, a CFO serves an incredibly important function in a non-profit company. The flow of revenue into the company needs to be adequately managed. Financial operations are vital to all companies and non profits are no exception. This is why hiring a talented CFO is a must.

Program Manager: The title of a program manager is somewhat ambiguous. Part of the reason for this is that such a position can deal with many different projects and programs. Those flexible to handle such varied tasks may find a career as a program manager to be rewarding.


Gail Esparan