Executive Job Search Don'ts


1.    Be an island.  Keeping to yourself makes you invisible.  Self promotion is as important as qualification, and you must make an effort to let your prospects know you're available.  Attend events, join associations, voice your opinion and let people know you are making them.
2.    Be brash.  You can turn prospective employers or interviewers off by being cocky and overly aggressive.  Being too informal with an interviewer is also a no-no.
3.    Be presumptuous.  Acting like you've got the job in the bag almost always ends in rejection.  Self confidence is cool, but overconfidence comes across as arrogance.
4.    Lose heart.  Finding an executive position takes time. You should not feel discouraged when you fail in your first tries.
5.    Dwell on salary.  Salary negotiation is important but it shouldn't be the focus of the interview.   By all means, ask questions at the end of the session but don't appear too eager.  No one wants to hire someone who's only in it for the money.
6.    Criticize your previous employer.  Not only will you sound bitter, you will also look ungrateful.
7.      Apply when employer is not known.  Be careful with recruitment ads that don't reveal the employer's identity.  They could be from your own company and you'd look silly applying, especially if it's your job that's on the line!


Gail Esparan