Executive Job Search Dos

An executive is not an ordinary employee.  He or she occupies a leading and coveted position in any organization.  Naturally, employers have high standards in their assessment and selection.

If you're seeking an executive job, make yourself attractive -- on paper and in person. Here are a few things to keep in mind to improve your chances of getting hired.

1.    Prepare a strong executive resume and cover letter.  Be memorable with a concise presentation of your accomplishments, educational attainment, and working experience.  Your resume could well be your first contact with a prospective employer, so make every effort to make an impact.  Use active verbs; showcase your being a team player and problem solver.  Show your resume to someone who can make an objective assessment and give you helpful advice on how to make it more irresistible.
2.    Be honest.  Claiming what you are not or do not know is always a bad start.  Even if you get hired, it will be hard to cope with your employer's expectations and you will be under constant psychological stress of being found out.
3.    Make a shortlist.  Choose your best company targets and know everything about their business, policies, and recruitment procedures.
4.    Practice for the interview.  Know the right tone and demeanor that projects professionalism and competence.  Learn what questions to ask and how.
5.    Be punctual.  Be ready for the interview five minutes before the appointed time.  If you're late for this important ritual, you will greatly diminish your chances.
6.    Keep looking.  Even if you have covered your best prospects and have gotten encouraging indications, keep up the hunt.  Until a job has been secured, you must keep looking.
7.    Follow up. Enquire about the status of your application without being annoying.  Send thank you notes after an interview, even if it did not result in getting employment.


Gail Esparan