Cons of being a CEO

One of the biggest disadvantages of being a CEO is the increased responsibility. Although you have greater power, you are also going to have to have bigger responsibilities within your organization. In many cases, this means that you are going to have to put in longer hours than many other employees. You will have to govern over the company and handle any problems that arise (as a sidenote, you should mention your problem solving skills in your executive ceo resume). If something goes wrong in the company, you are ultimately the one that is responsible for this problem even if you did not cause it.

Another problem with being a CEO is that no one else is your equal in the business. This can lead to relationships problems with other employees in the business. No one is going to act the same way around the CEO as they do the other people in the company. This can make it difficult to develop relationships with workers and cause resent among them. Many people will look negatively upon the CEO because they are "lucky" and do not deserve such a high position.

Another problem that you will have to worry about with this type of job is that your every move is going to be analyzed. When a normal employee makes a mistake, most people do not even notice it and the company continues on. However, when you are the CEO, no mistake is going to go unnoticed. Everyone will be analyzing every move that you make and second-guessing it.


Gail Esparan