How to be a Good CEO

Bad management can bring a good company down. The employees and managers can assist a company with good customer service and growth. But, it is the responsibility of a good CEO to lead its entire organization during good and bad seasons. You are the engine that runs the ship. So, how can one become a good CEO?

A good CEO should know its business. In today's ever changing society, making the right decisions can be profitable. Having industry knowledge is no longer enough to compete. If you are unsure of your steps and believe that all businesses are the same, it can prove to be costly and even fatal for the company. It is important to know the business inside and out.

A good CEO is also able to develop and communicate its vision for the company to all of its staff. Communication is so vital in leading the company to greatness. Understand your staff by listening to each of them. They have access to your customers, and can give you additional insight for the company's direction. Ask yourself: "Would I want to be lead by me?" If you answer no, then you are not CEO material. Be honest with yourself. Leading a company requires listening and making hard decisions. Your staff will look to you for direction and will expect you to communicate ideas effectively. If you fail to listen consistently, your company will become weak. A profitable organization has a CEO that communicates well with everyone.

A good CEO will not intimidate its employees. You want to attract and inspire a good team of talented people to develop your vision. If you are harsh and arrogant; people will not want to work with you. Your staff will not be motivated to give its 100% best. And they will look to your competitor for there next job. An old saying is true for today's CEO, "You can get more with honey than with vinegar." And that is not to say that a good CEO should not be serious and agressive. There is a balance in leading people. You should know when to praise and when to correct.

A good CEO will have a vision. Because technology advances so rapidly, you must adept to change. Many great CEO's show remarkable vision and foresight. Anticipate the change in your industry. Help your staff to stay current on events and acquire new skills. This will help your staff to develop their creativity to boost the company to the top.

Give direction to people. Employees want to hear you say you are "behind them and have faith in there abilities." Lots of motivation from the CEO will help your staff to endure the rough times, and they will want to stay with the organization no matter what. For a good CEO always keeps its top talent.


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Gail Esparan