How to write a KSA

KSA Definition

A KSA (Knowledge, Skills & Abilities) is a series of narrative statements that accompany Federal resumes when applying to Federal job openings. An important factor in the hiring process, a KSA is used to determine who are the best applicants, when several candidates qualifiy for the job.

   Knowledge refers to an organized body of information usually of a factual or procedural nature
   which, if applied, makes adequate performance on the job possible.
   Skills refer to the — mental, manual or verbal — manipulation of data, things or people.
   Abilities refer to the ability to perform a mental or physical activity at the present time.

Selective and Quality ranking factors

You must be above the job announcement's minimum educational and experience requirements — or selective factors — to be eligible for a Federal position. However, you can get a higher grade if you meet or exceed quality ranking factors, which will demonstrate that you are a good match for the job.

KSA Scoring

A KSA is usually rated with a scoring system, from 1 to 10

KSA Answers

KSA's feature the answers to 3 to 10 questions that must showcase in details how your profile fits the requirements of the job opening.

It should include any of the following elements, as long as they're relevant to show that you meet — exceed — the requirements and factors listed in the Federal job posting:

   Volunteer work, activities, etc..

KSA questions — or ranking factors — can vary in themes, from demonstrating organizational skills, project management skills and supervisory skills to the ability to use certain software.

KSA Format

Unless stated otherwise, each KSA answer shouldn't be longer than one page and should include:

   Job title
   Annoucement number
   Applicant's name
   KSA number

KSA Writing

Written in the first narrative person, KSA answers must sound personal, from your own voice, while being grammatically correct.

KSA Help

Because KSA statements are so specific, writing them yourself will require several hours of fastidious homework, with the risk of not delivering a satisfactory document — content-wise or format-wise — being high.

With years of experience, we recommend instead using professional certified KSA writers who will make this complicated task easy.

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