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The Toughest Interview Question
"What salary are you looking for?" Career advisors say this is the interview question that makes job applicants squirm in their chairs.

The Art of Self-Promotion
An interview is a meeting that gives a company the chance to put a face on the resume. While a resume lists your experience and education, an interview breathes life into those words. How well you handle yourself - as I found out that day - is often the difference between getting the job and hitting the streets.

Look the Part
There are some things about an interview that you cannot control Appearance is not one of them. Consider conservative very carefully.

What To Wear for an Interview: Tips for dressing for success
The first three minutes of your interview are most critical because you get but one chance for a good first impression. Before you can utter your first word, your appearance has already spoken volumes about you. While it does not speak of your job skills, your appearance will be judged in some respects by what you wear. Therefore, your clothing should not only make you feel good about yourself but also project a professional image matching the requirements of the position and the company.

Yes, There Are Bad Interviewers
Would you believe that a great number of employment interviewers in the business world today do not know how to interview an applicant? Show them that you know the process better than they do -- without letting them know you know!


Resume Writing
Find out how to write a great resume.

"A great resume is not just a complete list of employment and education. . .it's got to be a selling document"

Bad Bosses Become Bad References
Does power corrupt or do some people simply turn evil when they are given a managerial role? We've all seen it and most of us have unfortunately experienced it - a bad boss.

Maximizing Letters of Recommendation
Although letters of recommendation will not secure you a job, they are a very important part of the process. They are valuable to employers when many candidates have very similar qualifications. It is in these situations that the letters of recommendation add valuable information to your profile that your resume is not capable of illustrating.

Résumés Win Interviews, References Win Job Offers
Inquiring minds want to know, and no minds are more inquiring than those about to hire you. Rest assured, you will be investigated.

Resume Action Words
A list of powerful words that make an amazing resume.

How to Write a Cover Letter
You have an impressive resume, you know how to present yourself well in an interview, you know what kind of position you are best suited for. . .now all you need is a chance to get your foot in the right door. Just what can you do to make that happen?


"All nurses are going to play a significant role in the changing health care environment, especially in an atmosphere in which prevention and health promotion is stressed." Nursing is a lifelong career with growth opportunities, career mobility, flexibility, and attractive salaries.

A new Job in Nursing
If there ever was a time to go into the nursing profession the time is now.

Nursing Resume Tips
Tips to help you with your nursing job search and resume.

Medical Technology Manager
"The healthcare industry is undergoing a rapid process of reengineering that will lead to an integration of clinical and management technologies. This will require a radical redesign of hospital systems to create seamless healthcare delivery processes and a leadership with a strong customer orientation."


Federal Resume
How are Federal resumes different from civilian resumes.

How to write a KSA
KSA how to guide to help you write a KSA.

Learn about the Federal Government Resumix process.

Federal jobs
Some useful tesources to find government jobs.

Federal Government Pay scale
Finally, the Federal Government Pay scale Made Clear.

Military to Civilian Conversion Resumes
Some useful tips on how to write a military transition resume.


Just what kinds of jobs are available for temporary workers? "Any position that can be handled on a permanent basis can be handled on a temporary basis, from unskilled laborers to tradespeople, retail sales staff, manufacturing personnel, even to CEOs. After all, the top job in our country is really a temporary position,"

If your idea of a secretary is someone who answers the telephone, types a letter, and brings the boss coffee, it's time to update that image. Today's secretary is a highly skilled, educated individual with a promising career path. "Secretarial jobs are more critical now than ever before."


"It's not what you know, it's who you know," the old saying goes. And that's the basis of networking. . .making contacts that will help you in your professional career, now and for many years to come.

Career Sabotage: The Influence of a Past Employer
The word was out on Jim Walters. Someone was telling prospective employers that they shouldn't hire him. It cost him at least twelve top job offers, kept him unemployed for over a year, and more than $100,000 of his retirement fund.

A Changing Working World
Conditions of work have changed dramatically in the past 25 years. I remember how thrilled I was when in 1972 I landed my first job out of college, with the whopping salary of $9,000 per year.

Career Tools
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