How to Write a Thank You Letter

Thank You letters are probably the most taken for granted letters nowadays. Some people have not realized the value of Thank You letters as they put more focus on the importance of Application Letters or Letters of Request that, most of the time, they forgot to say thank you.  A Thank You letter is a must for every occasion that requires a sense of gratitude, whether for business or for personal purpose.

It is about time that people started making Thank You letters and appreciate the importance of it. But before that, one should know first the basic ways of making a Thank You letter.

1.      Make your Thank You letter short and straight to the point. Take into mind that most people in the business are busy individuals; hence, they have limited time to attend to the various documents they have in a day.  Express your "thank you" right away, but state as well a brief description of the event that led you in thanking him/her.

2.      Start your resume letter with a heading that constitutes the addressee (first heading), the designation of the addressee (second heading), the name of the company (third heading), and the address of the company (last heading).  The next line to follow is the salutation which is usually "Dear Sir/Madam." This will be followed by the body of the letter. The last part of the letter is the closing part wherein the sender will put his/her name as well as his/her contact information.

3.      The body of the letter should contain the event which you are thankful for - such as, for accepting you in a job or for a positive feedback from a request you asked.  Make the body of your letter simple. Also, it would be better if you add something - such as an assurance that, by accepting you in a job or by giving in to your request, their efforts will not be wasted. Try to assure them that you value their trust and expectations.

4.       Always be sincere in your Thank You letters. It is important that you send those letters because you are truly grateful to the person or to the company. There are those who send Thank You letters because they are obliged to do so, while some people do it in order to gain more so-called "power points" from the boss. It should be taken into mind that even though letters are just compose with written words, still the sincerity and emotions of the words are felt over in this piece of paper.

5.      Thank You letters can be sent personally or through commercial couriers. Never let someone send it for you to the office of the addressee. Although it can done in a case-to-case basis, but it is inappropriate in general.  Having someone send the letter in your behalf makes the letter appear impersonal. If you cannot give it personally, then send it through courier.

The abovementioned details are just the basic ones in writing a Thank You letter. There are still many ways to do it, depending on the creativity of the sender. What is important here is that you have not forgotten their generosity and consideration of your situation, and that you are thankful for it. It should be taken into mind that even if it is just a piece of letter and a few words on it, it will still warm the hearts of the one receiving it.


Gail Esparan