How to Write a Technical Resume

A resume is key to being successful in a job search. The ‘trick' is to create a resume that is targeted towards the type of job that you are going for. Even though there are several alternatives to choose from when it comes to writing a resume in general, certain types of resumes may require a slightly different approach.

One such category of resume is one for a technical position; examples of such careers are IT jobs such as web developers, network administrators and system security experts. If you are seeking employment in a technical role, your resume will obviously need to highlight your technical abilities; but this must be done in a particular way if it is to have the desired positive effect.

For starters, a technical resume that does not answer the questions or statements implied or defined in the job advert or description is a resume that fails - be precise when describing your skills and abilities. If it is a programmer position that requires skill in a particular programming language, highlight the hands on experience as well as educational qualification that proves your competence.

Usually, technical positions are often characterized with numerous projects so only mention key projects that you have been involved in or have led that attest to your ability to deliver if given the position applied for. Do not congest the resume by citing multiple minor projects that effectively repeat the same thing in demonstrating your skill in a particular programming language for instance.

However, even as you keep your resume focused on a particular niche, this must be balanced with providing adequate information on your experience especially if you have worked for different organizations over time.

Technical jobs are renowned for being less about the academic qualification and more about the hands on capability and this is one way through which you can distinguish yourself from a fresh graduate applying for the same position. Even as you document your experience, remember to summaries your technology and education on the front page and include a personal/skills snapshot.

Also the listing of your technical expertise must be ordered based on the level of skill you have in each distinct area. Taking a network administrator position for instance, you may be more conversant working with network devices from one manufacturer more than from another though you may have basic or intermediate skills in the use of other manufacturers' network devices.

The other aspect of technical resume writing is maintaining a balance of technical jargon. Of course, a technical resume of necessity requires that it has technical content. As you do so, it is important that you major on terms that anyone in your particular line of work would be expected to know. Avoid any overly niche terminology unless you go ahead to provide a short description of what the term means.

Finally, make sure that that your spelling and grammar are correct in both your resume and any covering letter.


Gail Esparan