How to write a Stock Broker Resume

There are certain professionals that can truly help people improve their lot in life. A stock broker may not immediately be thought of when such a description is presented. However, a solid stock broker has the potential to increase the personal wealth of a client tremendously. This can certainly change the client's life for the better. As such, there is always a great deal of demand for quality brokers. If you have broker experience, you may have the potential to land a solid offer. But, you need a solid resume to promote your effectiveness. The resume needs to present all the positives associated with the professional making the individual a ‘must hire' candidate.


So, what are some of the main components of a solid finance stock broker resume and how do you compose one? Here are the answers:


From the outset, you want complete and total contact information. Some may assume this is an academic point but it bears mentioning. A stunning number of finance resumes are discounted because the contact information is inaccurate or incomplete. So, always double check to make sure this info is complete and prominently featured.


You will also need to include comprehensive and detailed information on your work history as it relates to being a stock broker. This should include all professional and volunteer work. Such info should be presented in isolation. In other words, if you have additional non-financial or brokerage work experience, you may wish to move such info to another section of the resume under the heading ‘Additional Experience.' You always want your broker experience clearly listed, identified, and well presented.


The same could be said of your educational background. Formal education counts for a lot in the realm of brokerage houses. It is best to list all upper level formal education you received and clearly spell out degrees obtained or programs completed. Informal education such as continued ed. programs or even online training should be listed. It would hurt to exclude such items as opposed to including them. Really, any educational experience that promotes your knowledge of the field should be effectively presented on the resume.


And it would also be vitally helpful to include any manner of career achievements that you may have been awarded. Where you provided with certificates of achievement or other such honors? If so, be sure to list them on your resume since this will be an indication of your high level of performance. Such information may instill a lot of confidence in those that are reviewing the resumes. Educational honors should also be included under the category of achievement. Never overlook the value of educational awards as they can say a great deal about your skills.


References should also be included at the conclusion of the resume. Some may believe that references are unnecessary because no one would provide poor references. However, contacting credible references could prove to have a huge impact on hiring authorities.


Incorporating these various elements can definitely enhance the appearance of a resume. In fact, their inclusion could lead to that elusive interview with that top brokerage house you are interested in working for.


Gail Esparan