ECQ #1: Leading change

In order to reach a suitable government position directing people, you are expected to efficaciously break down ECQ #1.  ECQ's are Executive Core Qualifications founded on the particular criteria established by the Office of Personnel Management for leadership skills essential to deliver the goods in the Senior Executive Service.

Uncle Sam wants to find people who are capable to dedicate themselves to public policy and have leadership skills.  An essential qualification necessary for ECQ #1 is the ability to conduct staff to fulfil the organization's mission.  A Senior executive should bring about strategic change and carry out an organizational vision in a ever-changing environment.

The competences required in the ECQ #1 are:

-External awareness to keep up to date on international trends and policies
-Flexibility to be open to new info and change
-Creativity and innovation to develop new ideas and programs
-Resilience to deal with pressure while remaining persistent
-Strategic thinking to manage risks, develop objective and take advantage of opportunities
-Vision for long term view and influence others to put vision into action.

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Gail Esparan

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