What Are the Pros of Being an Engineer?

Congratulations, you've decided you want to be an engineer. It's not a career for the faint of heart, but it is a rewarding career for those who have the talent, skill, and dedication to do the job right (elements that is imperative to include in your engineering resume).
Even for those who choose engineering, love the job, and stay in it find that it has disadvantages, though. There are both pros and cons to being an engineer, and there's something you're going to want to weigh before you take the plunge. Let's take a look at both.
What are the pros of being an engineer?
·    You should make a pretty decent income
Those in the engineering profession can expect to make between about $60,000 and over $90,000 a year, depending on the area of specialization, your level of experience, and where you work. That's a pretty decent paycheck, all things considered, and can certainly give you a comfortable lifestyle.
·    You should enjoy going to work every day
If you have the skills and expertise to be an engineer, and this is a job that "fits" you, you're going to love the work. That doesn't necessarily mean that everyone is cut out to be an engineer, but if you have the technical skills, the attention to detail, and simply like to dig in and figure things out, this is probably something you're going to like pursuing. In addition, although you may be working with teams of professionals, you're not going to have to deal with "the public" on a daily basis, something that is a bonus if you're not particularly social.
·    You can freelance, if you choose
Not every engineering niche works well in the freelancing arena, but some, such as computer software engineering, is perfect for those who want a steady income while they work at home in their sweats or PJs. Perfect for those "avant-garde" sorts who don't particularly like corporate hierarchy, and like to work independently based upon their own schedules.


Gail Esparan