Education Job Interview Questions And Answers

If you are deciding to get employment in any job relating to education, the interview process is going to be a very thorough one to say the least. You must make sure you know exactly what's on your education resume and be properly prepared for the education job interview questions you will be asked.... [More]

Top 10 Jobs For College Grads

Here is the second part of our top 10:   6. Psychologist - A psychologist talks with patients about their problems. The psychologist listens to the patient carefully in order to come up with an appropriate solution to the patient's current issue. A psychologist usually works in a clinic or at... [More]

Top 5 Jobs For College Graduates

Regardless of who you are or what you want to do professionally, you should always make sure your career goals are in line with what's most currently in demand. There are plenty of jobs that will always be in high demand. If you're a recent college graduate and looking for a job, then there is no ne... [More]

Cons of Teaching Overseas

Even though there are these positives, there are also negatives associated with teaching in foreign countries. For starters, the pay is not the same everywhere and in many cases, the more desirable locations will pay less. South Korea is a country that seems to pay its teachers a great deal, but the... [More]

The Pros of Teaching Overseas

Taking a teaching job overseas can definitely be a rewarding experience, as you will have the chance to involve yourself in an entirely new culture, while making a fair amount of money. This is an experience that cannot only help you reach your personal career goals, but can also help you to grow as... [More]

College Resume Dont's

Don't make your college graduate resume difficult for potential employers to read.  Sometimes recent college graduates will use brightly colored text or fancy, unusual looking fonts in an effort to try to help their resume stand out from all of the others.  However, it is definitely best n... [More]

College Resume Dos

Are you a recent college graduate who is getting ready to enter today's competitive employment market?  If so, then you will definitely want to make sure that you have a great college resume as this will help you to stand out from the rest of the job seeking crowd.  There is no need to wor... [More]

Why a teacher resume should be customized

If you've been reading our various resume writing blogs, you might have noticed that we recommend customizing your resume for your industry and field. The employment market being so competitive, a generic resume won't do the trick as it used to do 10 years ago: employers want to see resumes formatte... [More]

Replacing experience in a college resume

When college students graduate and are ready to enter the workforce, the first thing they have to do is writing their college student resume. However an important problem they might face is their lack of experience. Whether they might have a couple internships here and there or have supported themse... [More]

Cons of Being a Teacher

Now, for the disadvantages:One of the cons that most teachers will name right off hand is the workload. Unlike other jobs, you don't actually clock on and off as a teacher. Most days, you will be bringing work home with you, meaning creating homework, projects, and lesson plans. All of the planning ... [More]