Cons of Teaching Overseas

Even though there are these positives, there are also negatives associated with teaching in foreign countries. For starters, the pay is not the same everywhere and in many cases, the more desirable locations will pay less. South Korea is a country that seems to pay its teachers a great deal, but there are many reports of foreigners being disrespected in this country, which can quickly chance someone's opinion about it.

Another thing to remember is that there will be significant cultural and language barriers to overcome and that many people are unable to handle these barriers. You must remember that you are in an entirely different country, so you must adjust to their way of doing things. Learning how things are done in another country is not always easy and is the main reason why many teachers do not finish their contracts.

In the end, everyone's experience teaching English is different and different people react differently to different situations. Two teachers who are originally from the same country could end up working in the same school, but will have very different opinions about their experiences. Your experience teaching English will be largely dependent on your ability to adapt and your willingness to keep an open mind (you might want to include this in your teacher resume), so make sure that you are prepared to do so before leaving for one of these jobs.


Gail Esparan