Top 5 Jobs For College Graduates

Regardless of who you are or what you want to do professionally, you should always make sure your career goals are in line with what's most currently in demand. There are plenty of jobs that will always be in high demand. If you're a recent college graduate and looking for a job, then there is no need to worry, there are still jobs available regardless of how limited work may seem - if you don't have a lot of experience get a professional resume, which will help you compete against more experienced candidates.

What you want to do is make sure that you're in college for something that's worthwhile and highly available. One of the most difficult and frustrating things anyone can do is spend thousands of dollars on a degree that doesn't mean anything. Make sure that what you're doing is what employers want, and remember that it's never too late to go back to college and major in something more promising.

1. Nursing - Nursing will always be a great career field to get involved in. This needs to be something that you enjoy doing. Nurses typically deal with sick people, provide medications, discuss a patient's overall condition with the patient and family at the doctor's discretion, and earn approximately $50K per year.

2. Accountant - As long as there are businesses, there will be a need for accountants. Good accountants are hard to find, particularly those who enjoy working with numbers and know how to perform their job well. As an accountant, you'll keep track of a company's overall expenses. Accountants earn approximately $45K per year.

3. School Teacher - Whether it's elementary, middle, or high school, you're not going to have a hard time finding and maintaining employment. You need to be very patient if you are planning on becoming a teacher. Problem-solving should be your number-one specialty. School teachers earn approximately $60K per year depending on where they work.

4. Pharmacist - A pharmacist is responsible for dispensing medications, discussing a patient's medical history with his or her doctor, discuss side effects and provide warnings to customers about the prescription medications they are using, and monitor a patient's overall prescription drug use. This is a job that will always be in demand, particularly due to the popularity of the pharmaceutical drug industry. Typical annual salary for a pharmacist is $80K.

5. Computer Software Engineer - A computer software engineer develops, tests, and designs software programs. The need for people in this particularly career field is not expected to die off anytime soon. The average job salary for a computer software engineer is $60K per year.


Gail Esparan