College Resume Dont's

Don't make your college graduate resume difficult for potential employers to read.  Sometimes recent college graduates will use brightly colored text or fancy, unusual looking fonts in an effort to try to help their resume stand out from all of the others.  However, it is definitely best n... [More]

College Resume Dos

Are you a recent college graduate who is getting ready to enter today's competitive employment market?  If so, then you will definitely want to make sure that you have a great college resume as this will help you to stand out from the rest of the job seeking crowd.  There is no need to wor... [More]

Replacing experience in a college resume

When college students graduate and are ready to enter the workforce, the first thing they have to do is writing their college student resume. However an important problem they might face is their lack of experience. Whether they might have a couple internships here and there or have supported themse... [More]

How to Write a Graduate Resume

You've finally graduated college. You put in your four years, or however long it took you, and you have that degree in your hand. Now comes the part where you leave college life behind and enter the real world of work. That means you need to find a job. It's important for all graduates to be able to... [More]