Top 10 Jobs For College Grads

Here is the second part of our top 10:


6. Psychologist - A psychologist talks with patients about their problems. The psychologist listens to the patient carefully in order to come up with an appropriate solution to the patient's current issue. A psychologist usually works in a clinic or at a medical office with a psychiatrist. Typical annual salary for a psychologist is about $80K.

7. Cosmetologists - A cosmetologist cut, dye, perm, and braid hair. They can also provide facials, manicures, pedicures, and provide beauty advice to their clients. Other duties involve answering telephones, booking appointments, receiving and assigning customers to certain staff members, and keep their equipment and station clean and sanitized. Cosmetologists make an average of $40K per year depending on where they are employed.

8. Managers - All you need is a degree in business management and you're ready to go. The need for good management professionals is relatively high, especially since so many people are not as experienced as they should be and are only working their way up the company. With a degree in business management, you'll get a job quickly at whatever company you choose to work and average a yearly salary of $50K.

9. Lawyers - This is a secure career because people are always getting into legal binds. There are divorces, medical malpractice, and other medical and civil cases that need to be dealt with. There is no end to the amount of legal issues that people face. Average yearly salary for a lawyer is $80K.

10. Postsecondary Teachers - Postsecondary teachers teach on a wide variety of subjects. They often work in colleges and universities. Duties include teaching on subjects of their specialty, attending meetings, grading papers, providing exams, and constructing daily lectures. Average annual salary for a postsecondary teacher is around $80K and will require a strong teacher resume.


Gail Esparan