Nursing Cover Letter Dos

Like any new endeavor you wish to enter, a good preparation is important. In the healthcare industry, career experts agree that an impressive nursing cover letter can pave the way to getting the job. Find out the nursing cover letter dos and don'ts now and start the career you have always wanted.

Nursing Cover Letter Dos

* Stay short and focused.  Healthcare organizations prefer to read cover letters that primarily focus on the purpose of the applicants' desire to get the job and relate this to the important things they know about the organization and the industry. This is where your knowledge about the organization you are applying for and your competencies can meet.
To do this, you must do your homework and find out the specific needs and requirements of the organization and then highlight your own skills and experiences in the cover letter. Relating your achievements and own successes in direct yet concise manner and to align them with the goals of the organization will always create a good impact.

* Be unique and real.  Personalizing your cover letter can also make it stand out from the rest. Though you will need to maintain a professional but enthusiastic tone, personalizing it by relating a story, like helping a sick family member or friend during a health crisis, will highlight and boost your chances at getting the job. Make your nursing resume cover letter unique but real and friendly. This way you can show your passion for the job you want.

* Sell yourself.  It is also a better advantage when you "sell" your talent and skills. Never fail to emphasize these when you are relating your knowledge of the organization, its goals and your desire to contribute to its coming achievements. Outside of your healthcare background and expertise, tell them if you are good at teamwork or communications, organization and everything that can help you to be better at the nursing job you want.

You can emphasize these extra skills and talent when you describe short experiences you had whether in a previous organization, a personal or community situation or event. Use passionate words to perfectly describe these skills and sell yourself.


Gail Esparan