In Order To Crush The Competition A Professional Resume Cover Letter Will Have To Be Your Goal As An Aspiring Nurse

Nursing jobs are extremely desirable, and what this is doing is creating a lot of competition. The competition is going to be just as skilled as you are and if you are starting out at the bottom everyone is going to be at the same disadvantage. In order to give yourself a competitive edge you need t... [More]

Nursing Cover Letter Don'ts

* Don't send generic nursing resumes.  Giving a resume without the "personal touch" or copying from a common resume template will create a less-than-impressive impact on your prospective employer. Your resume may find its way at the bottom of the stack.  * Don't address the letter recipien... [More]

Nursing Cover Letter Dos

Like any new endeavor you wish to enter, a good preparation is important. In the healthcare industry, career experts agree that an impressive nursing cover letter can pave the way to getting the job. Find out the nursing cover letter dos and don'ts now and start the career you have always wanted.&nb... [More]

Medical Cover Letters Don'ts

Don't put the light only on yourself and your skills but think of the employer first (make sure to do the same thing when writing your health care resume). Stress what your experience and abilities can do for the company, hospital or group of doctors. This will do more to sell yourself than by wri... [More]

Medical Cover Letters Do's

Create the right cover letter and a good impression can be made before even meeting a prospective employer. The art of writing cover letters for medical jobs take special techniques. Some of these tips work for writing any type of cover letter. Basic information can help those seeking medical jobs t... [More]

How to Write a Nursing Cover Letter

Nurses are in very high demand these days, but there are also a lot of nurses graduating each year. This makes it difficult for some nurses to get jobs. If you're a nurse, and you really want that job, you're going to have to set yourself apart from the other applicants. The way you can do this is b... [More]