How to Write a Nursing Cover Letter

Nurses are in very high demand these days, but there are also a lot of nurses graduating each year. This makes it difficult for some nurses to get jobs. If you're a nurse, and you really want that job, you're going to have to set yourself apart from the other applicants. The way you can do this is by creating a great nursing resume stating your experience, if applicable, as well as your education and skills. But to really make yourself stand apart, you'll want to add a great cover letter. A cover letter personalizes your resume. It shows your personality, your ambition and it allows you to speak directly to the hiring manager so that he or she might put your resume at the top of the pile.

Personalize It
The first rule when creating a nursing cover letter is to personalize towards whatever job you're applying for. For instance, you don't want to send the same cover letter to every hospital or clinic you're applying at. You'll want to find the person's name who does the hiring and mention the location you'll be working at somewhere within the body, or you can include it in the header. When you personalize your nursing cover letter, you're letting the hiring manager know you're applying for that job and not just blanketing hospitals and clinics with a generic letter.

Show Your Personality
When writing a nursing cover letter, let yourself shine. Really sell yourself. Tell the hiring manager what you're all about, why you want the job and why you wanted to be a nurse in the first place. Keep it professional but also include your personality so that the person doing the hiring gets the impression they're reading a letter from a person instead of some generic letter that could have come from anyone.

Your Goals

Your nursing cover letter should state your goals. Where do you see yourself in five years? Don't they always ask that in interviews? Put that in your cover letter. Maybe your goal is to be the best nurse possible, or maybe it's to become a charge nurse, or some other high position that will allow you to grow as you develop more of your nursing skills. Hiring managers want to know that new nurses coming in will work as hard as possible, not only because they care but because they want to do the best job possible.

When you add a nursing cover letter to your resume, you're setting yourself apart from all the other applicants vying for the same job. As long as you follow the above tips and you really sell yourself, you'll get the job you're applying for and you'll beat out all those other nurses who didn't include a cover letter with their resume. 


Gail Esparan