How to write an administrative assistant cover letter

A cover letter is the document that complements your administrative assistant resume. It is also your only chance to convince the employer that your resume is worth looking at and that you are worth hiring and hence its importance. If you are writing a cover letter for an administrative assistant position, keep the following tips in mind when writing your cover letter.

Understand the company
The first step is to familiarize yourself with the company so as to establish what you can offer the company in terms of skills and experiences. Use the mission and vision statements as well as the list of products the company deals with and use it to start to outline how you will position your skills appropriately.

Strong opening paragraph
This paragraph must clearly describe the position you are applying for. It does not have to be a simple statement such as ‘I am applying for an administrative assistant position'. Make it a little more creative but still bring out the exact role you are interested in unambiguously. Briefly mention how you learned of the of the job opening as this is one way to give feedback to the employer as to what means of job advertisement are effective.

The opening paragraph is also where you should start to mention the reasons that make you a better candidate than the rest. The strength of your opening paragraph is what will determine whether someone will continue reading the cover letter as well as your resume or whether they will discard your application.

Experiences and skills
Even though your resume will carry the details of the experience and skill you bring to the table, the cover letter should cover a few headlines that demonstrate you are an excellent administrative assistant. Link these skills into how they can benefit the organization and improve on existing processes. Be careful not to come across as a know-it-all. Acknowledge that the company you are going to is in itself exceptional and probably already has well-oiled internal processes which you will be happy to integrate into and work toward making them even better than they already are.

Letter conclusion
Towards the end is where you should talk about the documents you have attached or are sending together with the cover letter based on the requirements outlined in the job advertisement. If you were not responding to a job advert and were sending a ‘blind application', your resume and cover letter should suffice. If the organisation is interested in your skills, they will likely contact you for additional documents. Also positively express your anticipation for an interview invite and remember to sign the letter unless you are sending it through electronic means such as email.

Formatting and Grammar
Few things can end your prospects of landing an interview as an administrative assistant as document formatting and grammar errors. Remember that an administrative assistant will often be required to do proof reading themselves, draft customer letters in behalf of senior management or be the person taking down the minutes of a high level executive meeting. Therefore, correct document formats and proper grammar are the very basic requirement for the position and your administrative assistant resume cover letter must demonstrate your understanding of the same.


Gail Esparan