Nursing Cover Letter Don'ts

* Don't send generic nursing resumes.  Giving a resume without the "personal touch" or copying from a common resume template will create a less-than-impressive impact on your prospective employer. Your resume may find its way at the bottom of the stack.
* Don't address the letter recipient with his proper or complete name.  A letter recipient being addressed properly will instantly set a professional tone to your letter as well as create the impression that you have done your research well about the organization and the people who runs it.
* Avoid spelling mistakes or typo errors.  Misspellings and typo errors make for a sloppy cover letter and will pull down your chances at creating a good first impression. A shoddy cover letter will show how you handle quality in even simple matters.
* Don't use bad paper material and avoid hand-writing your cover letter.  Similar to how you treat simple matters, using a bad paper material, worst, handwriting your cover letter, will show your slack for professionalism. It will not hurt to invest a little in good paper material and setting your cover letter in clean, professionally-written style.
* Don't include job experiences and skills which do not relate or are irrelevant to the job.  Some people make the mistake of cramming their letter with a lot of information, even those that are irrelevant to the position they are applying for. Job experiences and skills which will not help you to get that healthcare job can be left out. Since you are focusing on a specific position that you want, highlight only those that can be useful and fill in the organization's needs and goals.
* Don't provide false, inaccurate or contradictory personal or previous job information.  This will be the biggest mistake and will surely jeopardize your chances at the job or position. Remember that your skills and knowledge will be your primary anchor for a good job performance. Giving out false, inaccurate or contradictory information in your cover letter will prove fatal.

Like in any other employment industry, healthcare organizations rely on professionalism and good skills. For new applicants, it is important to always remember these basic nursing cover letter dos and don'ts to get that job or position you have always wanted. First impressions always last, it wouldn't hurt to practice what you know now.


Gail Esparan