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Note: I have a strong good long term driving history. In 2011, I was pulled over on a basic traffic stop by LA Police and they violantly attact the car, the vehicle drove off and I was arrested 5 months later. I then went to court and was rail roaded to cover it up ** Complete with them courts tring to erase some vidio footage-that would have fully free me. So for now, I have a 2800.2 evading on my record H-6. Thiers nothing eles as a man who's driven for 20 years. I have a current class B with a P endorsment and airbrakes. I would love to just get up and work tommorow but thats been a road block to getting a class A in which thier are thousands of jobs. So I'm being punished for the violance of thier Police -of which If you been watching the news Is a big problem thier. I'm just another one of those cases. I do have the evidence to show any employer of my innocents. *I just want to get back up and working and fix what they did to me and others with thier sorry behaviors.
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