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Employment Wanted
Job Description 1: Manufacturing
Job Description 2: Construction
Job Description 3: Driving
Career Goals: I would like to obtain a manufacturing, construction, or driving position.
Willing to Relocate?: No
Education History
School Name: tuygu
Years Attended: 5765  -  6887
Qualifications: jjggh
Employment History
Company Name: 788788
Employed From: 10/3/2008  -  10/8/2009
End Pay: 87877
Responsibilities: 77555555555555
Additional Info
Bruce Klefas
47771 Hickory Apt 29104, Wixom MI, 48393
(586) 943-6494
[email protected]


Seeking employment in construction or manufacturing.


Residential Wiring, Machinery Assembly, Plastic Cutting, Painting, Trim Installation, Tube Bending, Certified Crane Operator, CNC Operator

Factory, Construction, & Electrical Experience

Machinery Assembler, Dominion Technologies, Roseville, MI
Wire and assemble machinery used in automobile assembly lines.
Drill holes into steel parts using CNC machines and Bridgeports. File and grind edges on steel parts using hand files, grinding machines, and air grinders. Cut long bars of metal and plastic with a stationary saw.
Use pallet jacks and cranes.

General Laborer, Dimensional Plastics, Roseville, MI
Inserting plastics into big machines and grind down the resulting molds.

General Laborer, Troy Tube, Chesterfield Township, MI
Bend small metal tubing for the automotive industry using a manual tool.

Freelance, Eastpointe, MI
Helped remodel a house.
Nailed up and painted drywall in the basement.
Rewired the basement by installing wiring, an electrical panel, receptacles, switches, and lights.
Helped install underground wiring and tubing in the backyard.
Used a jackhammer to break up the cement walkway.

Electrician Apprentice, Lion's Electric, Sterling Heights, MI
Repair and remodel work on residential homes.
Rewiring or replacing electrical panels, installing fixtures, plugs and switches.

Freelance, Romulus, MI
Contracted to help on the remodeling of a high-rise building.
Installed the sub-flooring for some of the floors, which was well over 10,000 square feet.

Electrician Apprentice, Impact Electric, Lenox Township, MI
Wire residential and commercial buildings.
Install telephone lines, cable TV lines, light fixtures, switches and receptacles, residential electric panels, and underground wiring. Find studs to replace wiring and fixtures in remodeling projects.

Trim Installer, Cappuso LLC, Macomb Township, MI
Install trim for residential buildings.


Macomb Community College, Warren, MI
Coursework towards a certificate in Residential Electrical Wiring
Took classes on residential blueprints, housing foundation, and electrical wiring.
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