Top 5 Medical Jobs

The medical profession is far more expansive than most people realize. Yes, many will point towards the traditional titles of doctor and nurse. Granted, these titles are the most well known but they are not the totality of jobs found in the medical profession. For those wondering what other positions may be available, here are the top ten ‘other' positions that you can seek out when looking for a career in the medical realm:

Orderlies: Of course, a hospital will need quite a bit of help with patients. This is where orderlies come into play. While the duties and tasks of an orderly may vary, the job is not as stressful as some assume. It is, in fact, a frequently rewarding career worth exploring.

Researcher: If it were not for medical researchers, the ability to discover treatment for diseases and other medical conditions would be impossible. This is why there is much demand for talented and experienced researchers in the medical field.

Medical Assistants: This would probably be the most in demand of all medical jobs because it is so far reaching. All facets of the medical field require the help of assistants, which is why such professionals will always be in demand.

Medical Records Technicians: Can you imagine how difficult it would be to provide proper medical treatment if the physician did not have access to the proper medical records? It is not easy to properly maintain records which are why such technicians are so valuable.

Social Workers: You could say that social workers are the unsung professionals in the medical field. Often, people's proper state of mind relies on the advice and guidance of their social workers. In many ways, the ability for a social worker to help others contributes to the positive feeling one gets from helping others. Consider that another reason why this can be a rewarding profession.


Gail Esparan