Cons of Being a Pharmacy Technician

Just as there are those positive notes, there are also some negative portions of the job. Sadly every job has them. The cons for the pharmacy technicians are:

  • Long hours. Being asked to work when the pharmacist works or to attend him or her when they go in after hours in some cases.
  • Most of your work will be done while standing. It is a job that requires a great deal of standing and often requires lifting.
  • Even with a good medical resume, without further education, there is very little room for advancement in the Pharmacy technician job since there are not multiple levels of Pharmacy technician positions.
  • Being a pharmacy technician is not a glamorous job, but it is a necessary one. Over time you will grow accustomed enough to patients and orders that you can recognize mistakes or errors in prescriptions and perhaps save a life by noting a drug interaction. You are a valued part of the health care team.


Gail Esparan