How to Write a Pharmacy Technician Resume

You want to be a pharmacy tech and you're ready to start your job search. The first thing you have to do is write a resume. If you don't know the first thing about creating a pharmacy technician resume, or you just want some tips on how to make your resume better, read on. There are many ways you can spice up your pharmacy technician resume so that you can get that face-to-face interview, which is always what you're looking for when you submit your resume to a potential employer.

Becoming a pharmacy technician is a huge responsibility. You are dealing with prescription drugs that must be given and counted correctly. This requires extensive knowledge of the drugs you're going to be dealing with, as well as any side effects they may cause. You must know what drugs aren't supposed to go together, which ones you're supposed to eat with so they don't make you sick, and much more. It's a misconception that it's the doctor's responsibility to know all those things. While it is the doctor's decision to prescribe drugs, oftentimes the pharmacy technician is forced to call the doctor to tell him or her that this drug or that drug isn't a good idea for a particular patient. Doctors make mistakes, as we all do, so a pharmacy technician not only needs to have the knowledge required to do the job, but the tech must also have a keen eye for detail.


While experience is important when applying for any job, an employer hiring for a pharmacy technician is going to be more focused on your education. Have you finished the required schooling that enables you to do your job effectively? Do you have extensive knowledge of the prescription drugs and their specifics as far as interactions and side effects go? You may want to start with that when writing a pharmacy technician resume, because an employer may discard a resume right away if the required education isn't listed.


Experience is very important if you hope to land that pharmacy technician job. While education is important, it's often the experience of doing the job that solidifies that knowledge. When you put your education into practice, and you do it for some time, doctors will often ask you, as the pharmacy technician, for your advice in prescribing certain drugs. Essentially, you will have the same knowledge as doctors, or more, when it comes to the latest pharmaceuticals and drug breakthroughs.

Make sure your pharmacy technician resume is proofread, as that will exhibit your attention to detail. Make sure you highlight your strong points first, such as your experience or your education, and then get into your skill sets. In what do you excel? What have you done for a previous employer that a potential employer would find attractive? Put all of this into your resume, while keeping it neat at the same time, and you're sure to get that pharmacy technician job you're applying for.


Gail Esparan