Getting a Medical Job with Uncle Sam

There is an important job shortage in the country today, even among those who have high end degrees. As you've probably realized, despite having the education, you might still end up getting a job at the local fast food joint. Sometimes it seems to be a matter of who you know rather than establishing your own reputation and getting into the industry you actually want to be in. Luckily, there are a few options that you could try.

If you have looked everywhere for a job and seem to have failed, then perhaps you could take a look at Uncle Sam. Lots of candidates would rather not have anything to do with Uncle Sam, but in all honesty it is one of the largest hubs for health caremedical jobs at this very moment. With this in mind, let's have a look at a few of the vacancies that may be open at the moment.

There is the Department of Health and Human Services that may employ you in the Public Health Corps. There are 11 branches available, including the FDA. Doctors in all fields are needed for this gig, so if you want some fun and decent pay, then it would benefit you to check it out.

The Military also always needs healthcare workers. Usually you will find that doctors are needed to work in larger hospitals, or even directly on site. You might consider joining the military and take the training that they offer, but if you are have the right certifications, then you can simply enter as a civilian.

The Department of State is yet another Federal agency that always has a need for physicians of any type. They have members that leave the country quite often and they will need personal doctors on staff. These are high profile positions, and obviously the requirements will be high.

The government has created some healthcare programs for the the poor, and these are Medicaid. Doctors are always needed in these organizations, and if you have ever served in the government before, this migh be an easy catch for you. Well, at least the hiring process will come easily, we cannot speak for the rest of it.

As the previous paragraphs can attest, there are jobs out there, which might be in places that you didn't think to look. Once you know where you want to work and what job you want to be in, make sure to customize your medical resume to this job, and you will be one step closer to getting the job of your dreams.


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