Cons of Being a Pharmacy Technician

Just as there are those positive notes, there are also some negative portions of the job. Sadly every job has them. The cons for the pharmacy technicians are: Long hours. Being asked to work when the pharmacist works or to attend him or her when they go in after hours in some cases. Most of ... [More]

Pros of Being a Pharmacy Technician

The Pharmacy technician is the person that you may see inside the pharmacy who is counting medications, mixing them, sorting and stacking medicines on the shelves, answering customer questions and taking orders over the phone from customers.A pharmacy technician is not at all a long process to achie... [More]

How To Get a Pharmacy Technician Job

Jobs in the medical field are some of the most stable vocations, because people always have a need for health care. But getting a health-care related job does not necessarily mean you must be a doctor or nurse. A pharmacy technician job is one that pays well, and allows you the security of wo... [More]