Top 10 Healthcare Jobs - Part 2

Hospice Care: It is not always pleasing to work in hospice care since the patients require so many special needs. Those that do have a skill for meeting such needs (make sure to mention it in your medical resume) can find great joy in this type of work.

Administrative Support: What would a medical facility be without receptionists and administrative assistants? In a word, it would be extremely disorganized! So, if you have a professional background in administrative support, you might find the medical field quite welcoming to you.

Mental Health Counselors: Such counseling positions are similar to social workers but not at the level of a psychologist. Why are there so many different levels of counseling positions? Mainly, it is because different people need different levels of counseling care. Consider that a positive in terms of the potential doors it may open professionally.

Laboratory Technicians: A laboratory is an extremely busy place and it requires a lot of support staff help. Lab technicians can cover a great many important tasks which is why they are also a position that is in perennial demand.

Physical Therapists: People that are active have an unfortunate tendency to suffer injuries. This is where physical therapists become so important because they can aid in the rehab process to heal and treat the resultant injuries.


Gail Esparan