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Getting Paid To Take Surveys


Market Research is a huge component of sales and product development. Therefore, companies are willing to pay big bucks in order to find out what ordinary folks think about their ad, what their spending habits are, and what types of services they value. Companies outsource this work to companies that specialize in compiling market research information. Those companies gather the information by getting people like you to tell your opinion in paid surveys. It's a good deal all around.

How Much Can I Make By Taking Paid Surveys?

That depends on how much time you spend taking surveys. Surveys generally pay between $2-$10. Some paid surveys will earn you even more, but the amount is usually commensurate with the length of time that the various paid surveys require. For taking some paid surveys, instead of receiving a few dollars you will be entered into a drawing and a chance to win either a weekly or a monthly drawing for thousands of dollars. For those of you who like playing the lottery, these paid surveys are like a free lottery ticket that offers a much higher chance of winning!

How Much Time Do Paid Surveys Take?

Usually paid surveys will only take around five minutes, although longer surveys will usually offer you more compensation. In general, paid surveys will tell you at the outset how much time the survey will take, along with the compensation that the survey offers. This way you can choose only those paid surveys that are the most lucrative for you.

What Do I Need To Qualify To Take Paid Surveys?

Paid surveys are administered over the Internet, so you must have an Internet connection. The faster your Internet connection, the higher hourly rate you will be able to generate through paid surveys. Most paid surveys also require that you be 18 years old. Beyond that, anyone qualifies, although specific paid surveys generally have some qualifying questions, such as a particular survey might only want women, or people within a certain age bracket or geographic area.

Where Can I Find Paid Surveys?

There are so many companies that administer paid surveys, you could spend half of your day just trying to find paid surveys. There are a few sites that let you spend all of your time taking paid surveys instead of trying to find them. These sites generally charge a nominal fee for access to their organized catalog of links to companies that administer paid surveys. Here are a few that you can check out:

ExpressPaidSurveys.com has a membership fee of $34.95 which will let you log onto their database of companies that are in the business of paid surveys. This is a glossy user-friendly site that keeps a well-maintained database of paid surveys.

SurveyScout.com has been rated the number 1 best site for paid surveys. They have a huge database of over 450 paid surveys. The charge for this site is the same for the former, a one-time fee of $34.95 for lifetime access to paid surveys.

PaidSurveysonline.com matches its competition by charging a one-time fee of, you guessed it, $34.95. Bonuses of this site include great customer support for help with paid surveys. Their site is very user-friendly and makes it easy to find the paid surveys that best fit your qualifications and needs.

Other Revenue Generating Possibilities

  • Get Paid to Shop - First question: why would a store want people to get paid to shop there?
  • Get Paid to Drive - There are scores of companies who want to get their name brand advertising out on the street.
  • Real Estate Investing - If you know what you are doing, it is possible to make big money in real estate investing, without putting in a lot of time working or even learning about the business of real estate investing.
  • Work from Home - Never before has there been such an interest in working from home as there is now.