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Get paid to shop


It sounds too good to be true, but there are actually good opportunities to get paid to shop!

First question: why would a store want people to get paid to shop there? The reason is that businesses, especially large corporations, want to be able to keep tabs on the quality of service that their employees provide. They also want to know things like how shoppers react to certain types of displays, what sorts of products they want to find in the store, and the impression that shoppers have of the store's design and layout. In order to acquire this information, therefore, businesses are trying to find people who are interested in being paid to shop at their store.

What do I have to do in order to get paid to shop?

In exchange for getting paid to shop you only have to fill out a brief survey after you go shopping. You might also be given specific criteria, for example you may have to ask a salesperson to do a certain task for you, like find another size in a clothing item. You may also be asked to keep track of how much time it takes you to checkout.

At what types of businesses can I get paid to shop?

Movie theatres, restaurants, coffee shops, golf courses grocery stores, department stores, clothing stores, and drug stores�almost every business that you normally frequent you can probably get paid to shop, dine, or play there.

The company also pays for your purchases? What's the catch?

There isn't one, a company can increase their profits dramatically by insuring that their stores are pleasant and alluring places to shop. This is so important to companies that when you get paid to shop you can earn from $10-$40 an hour. Oftentimes companies will also pay you for your purchases. For example, you might be given $50 to spend at a certain grocery store, in exchange for reviewing your shopping experience once you get home.

Can I get paid to shop when I am doing my errands?

Ideally, a store wants one of their 'average' or 'normal' customers to be the ones providing the review. Therefore, they want you to get paid to shop at those stores that you normally go to. For example, maybe you start your day at Starbucks and then buy groceries at Albertsons�those would be two companies that would love to get your opinion about your shopping experience. This means that you can get paid to shop as you go about your everyday routine.

Do I have to buy specific items when I get paid to shop?

No, when you get paid to shop the companies are looking for more general impressions, as well as a review of your interactions with the salespeople at the store. When you get paid to shop, you are required to make a purchase since the company wants you to evaluate a complete shopping experience, from the parking lot and entering the store all of the way through into checkout. However, if you want to get paid to shop at a store where you might not find anything that you want to buy when you go in, such as a clothing store, you can always return the item the next day. Sometimes you will be given criteria as to how many items you are to purchase, but you can choose those items yourself, so they should be things you would be shopping for anyways.

How much will I get paid to shop?

When you get pad to shop you earn from $10-$40 an hour, plus some companies will pay for your purchases and the gas that you use to travel to and from the stores.

Where can I sign up to get paid to shop?

Shoppingjobshere.com offers a database of amusement parks, grocery stores, etc for a one-time fee of $24.95. This is a friendly site with a great testimonial and good organization.

MoneyandShopping.com is another site that will help you access the companies with whom you can get paid to shop. They also charge a $24.95 one-time fee for access to their updated database, which includes reviews of the different companies that are hiring people who want to get paid to shop.

Shoppingjobs.net charges a one-time flat fee of $25. They offer some great features, beyond the access to almost 200 companies that are looking for 'mystery shoppers' who are want to get paid to shop, they also allow you to keep an employee log, and update the site regularly.

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